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With the School Twist software you can arrange your classes online,
offer registration to parents, configure payment options, collect information with custom forms,
manage scholarships, generate attendance sheets, and more.

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Why School Twist

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Walk Through: Set Up & Use of School Twist

Is your after school program stuck in the 1980s? We’re parents too and we’ve been there. We know how complicated it can be to organize and offer a single class, let alone many classes. We developed School Twist from the ground up specifically to simplify and improve the registration process for after school programs.

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Our Mission

We provide software tools and a marketplace that help and connect schools, PTOs, and parents with after school course providers, course developers, and instructors in order to bring a wider variety of high quality after school enrichment programs to schools across the nation.

Online Registration

Parents can sign-up online.  You can accept credit cards and PayPal online, plus cash, checks, and scholarships offline.  Tracking who has signed-up, and who has paid, becomes pretty easy.

For You

We know every community is different.  Every group handles events differently.  We've developed School Twist from our first-hand experience in over 50 schools and added features to accommodate each of them.  However you handle your classes, our system will probably work for you.  If not, contact us and we'll see about either enhancing our system or at least helping you with a work-around.

Work-Flow Helpful

It's not just about registration, it's about making things better and easier.  Everything in School Twist, current and future, is done with that goal in mind.  Every feature was put in to: add a new capability, remove repetitive tasks, or keep information flowing smoothly.


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