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School Twist is built from the ground up specifically for after-school classes.

  • Online enrollment
  • Accept credit cards
  • Accept PayPal
  • Accept cash and checks
  • Facilitate financial aid
  • Custom forms
  • Custom Excel exports and reports
  • Attendance sheets
  • Confirmation emails for parents





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Better for parents

  • No more sending in checks by Kid Mail and wondering if they will end up in the right place
  • Easy to remember URL
  • Ability to pay by credit card
  • Ability to see if a class is full – great for parents that need predictability
  • View sneak-peaks of upcoming classes
  • See instructor names at sign-up
  • Email confirmation of enrollment, which includes a reminder of the complete class schedule, including days skipped
  • Notification to parents, at registration, that the class is full but that they can still sign up for the waitlist
  • A personal page showing class details and payment status

Easier to work with parents

  • Administrative users can post comments about specific registrations, making communication easy when multiple people are working in the system.
  • Parents receive confirmation emails at registration, limiting phone calls to after school organizers
  • One click payment reminders


Easy to offer classes

  • Optionally set a default minimum and maximum enrollment to make the registration process proceed more smoothly
  • Optionally set default Start Date, Start Time, Class Duration, & Frequency
  • Optionally set default location
  • Add multiple locations, like your school or local recreation center.
  • For individual classes, optionally indicate their room

Easy scheduling

  • Record start date, time, duration and frequency of each class
  • Schedule classes every day, every week, every month, or twice weekly
  • Mark certain dates (like holidays) as skipped, and the reason why, to communicate schedules as simply as possible



Managing popular classes

  • Post current class enrollment and space available to manage parent expectations and planning
  • Waitlists
    • When classes are full, parents are encouraged to sign up for the waitlist
    • Easily move people on and off the waitlist, or even transfer them to other classes
    • Since you can see relative demand for each class, you can act early to talk with instructors about increasing class sizes or offering additional classes

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Create custom forms

  • Can create and add a custom form for any location or course allowing you to collect and export any required details
  • Automatically highlight highly important responses (like allergy alerts) in your Roster screen
  • Associate custom form with a location
  • Associate custom forms to specific courses
  • Export custom data, along with standard data, for your reports.

Keep it smooth and avoid mistakes

Mistakes happen and we all know it. In additional to our own internal consistency checks, we go out of our way to structure the system in a way that makes it self-evident when you’ve made a goof, so you can avoid it before goof becomes a real hassle. This is nice when you have one class, but critical when you’re dealing with a big program.

  • Robust “Audit” page that allows you to audit be exception and easily notice when individual details are entered incorrectly
  • Multiple views enables you to zero in on specific details
  • At-a-glace overviews


Get ready for next season

  • Manage the rollout of classes
  • Work on next season’s classes while still offering this season’s classes
  • Courses can be offered multiple times, either during the same season, or year after year, without reentering the course description.

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