2019 – January Review

2019 - January Review 1

There were several enhancements and changes introduced during January.  You can see them all here…

  • Event Parameters
    • Changed: Max class price was raised from $300 to $500.
  • Refunds
    • New: Refunds has now been broken into two groups Refunds: Other and Refunds: Quick
      • Refunds: Other lets you specify the amount of the refund.
        • Why did we add this? Some schools, in conjunction with financial aid, wanted the amount paid to be fixed at $25, which was not compatible with refunding a percentage.
      • Refunds: Quick still lets you quickly refund 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%.
        • New: Full Refund Towards Financial Aid – If a person requested financial aid and pre-paid to reserve their position, you can now quickly offer them a full refund while simultaneously giving them financial aid.
  • Reports
    • New: When creating custom reports, you can now specify if the header and/or the body cells will be justified left, right, or center.
    • Tweaked: Several of the standard reports had their formatting tweaked, including centering certain fields and unifying the look and feel of the headers
    • New: A new variation on the Homeroom Teacher List report now groups by day of the week, but then sorts by class, instead of sorting by first name.
  • 2019 - January Review 2*
    • Tweaked: Grouped reports, namely Homeroom List reports, and Dismissal by Day, now sport fancy group labels to better spot the grouping.
      • 2019 - January Review 3
    • NewEnrollment pages now have at-a-glance warning for every known bad student state, such as Baulked, but Paid, Paid on Wait List, etc. This lets you start your classes with confidence that all students are in their expected status.
      • 2019 - January Review 4