COVID-19 Update: Online Classes

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Picture of a LEGO pile
Picture of a LEGO pile

Most after-school classes got cancelled, but many providers are moving online. One School Twist client, Ascendly, has moved their classes online. Ascendly now teaches live, instructor-led, LEGO engineering class. You can Register Now, or join their mailing list to learn about their at-home learning opportunities, to hear about new online offerings and their other DIY activity ideas. Most of Ascendly’s classes are for grades K – 3, and their first public class is an awesome Jr. Structural Engineering class. This is the online learning your kids really want!

If you’d like to discuss your needs, or if School Twist might be helpful for your situation, you can schedule a time to talk, visit the Contact Us page and we’ll contact you immediately. We find that a quick chat is usually faster than endless emails and hours of searches – so please reach out now.

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